Olamide – Street Jam

Download Now! Olamide – Street Jam Mp3 with Video and Lyrics

The Talented and Sensational Singer, Song Writer Olamide brought out this whopping outstanding sound track titled Street Jam Which is currently out on all Music Platforms.

The song was published/updated to our site in the year 2023 .

Olamide has been working on this jam to make sure he deliver the best among the best for your pleasant hearing and I hope after listening to this jam you can a testimony for the hard work. Drop your sincere comments about the song below.

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Watch Visual Below.

Olamide – Street Jam Lyrics

This is for the streets wey be day one fan
At'aw?n ?m? butty wey be day one fan
Huh ya eskeez turn me up jeka l? j?
Ewo tu lele yi (Yuh)
Ki lotun gbede yi (Yuh)
Anoti lele yi (Yuh)
Baba yin lele yi (Yuh)
Na money (Yuh)
Dey ginger moral (Yuh)
Hustle everyday (Yuh)
Oya l?wo wa (Yuh)
Eruku (Yuh)
?run mu oru (Yuh)
Bon she shey laye (Yuh)
Lonshe l?run (Yuh)
Mo m? alufa (Yuh)
To n j? ?l?d? (Yuh)
Mo m? pastor (Yuh)
To n mu p?l?b? (Yuh)
Oya, alaye (Yuh)
Malosagbenede (Yuh)
Jaye to maj? (Yuh)
Malopenbe (Yuh)
Talo t? iyawo sojo loyan (Yuh)
O ti daran baba ? mashe frog jump (Yuh)
Aw?n ?m? eko werey w?n chronic (Yuh)
Bon shen la Molly ma lotun gbe poli (Yuh)
What it do? (Yuh)
This is how we do (Yuh)
Every senorita say they wanna be my boo (Yuh)
They say the young kid no go become pro (Yuh)
?m? fuck their papa j? dem be kalampo (Yuh)
The Capone now I'm in control (Yuh)
Controlling the bando (Yuh)
Iyan no be poundo (Yuh)
Fimi l? baby fimi l? (Yuh)
Like Dj YK my nigga mo ma mul? (Yuh)
Judi l? baby judi l? (Yuh)
The gbedu you de listen to you know na ibil? (Yuh)
Motola (Yuh)
Mashe shakara (Yuh)
O f? rapala (Yuh)
Iw? to y? kamala (Yuh)
To y? kamarun (Yuh)
To y? kamage (Yuh)
To y? kama (Whistles)
To y? kama ye ye (Yuh)
In da club (Yuh)
P?lu Wande coal (Yuh)
No de dengepo (Yuh)
J?kanenepo (Yyh)
I like the way I'm feeling now be Ladipo (Yuh)
W?n fe lemi w?n le bami iyayin loma rupo (Yuh)
Fami fami fami fami doremi (Yuh)
W?n robi orin y?n ti tan ni ?l? bere mi (Yuh)
Mo le rap lati ibi bayi de Germani (Yuh)
Shey ? f? l? ma whine ni odan pe werey ni iya yin (Yuh)
Oya pe carol (Yuh)
Moshe parol (Yuh)
Ko y? koma ro (Yuh)
Awa ni bankroll (Yuh)
Okay, kama roll (Yuh)
O y? kama fo (Yuh)
O y? kajoma w? bi ?ja w? safo (Yuh)
Baby boo now you rolling with best (Yuh)
I know you from the block like Jennifer Lopez (Yuh)
Aye p? ko de y? kotu ma guess (Yuh)
Taba gbe ? l? Jaiye you go penkelemess (Yuh)
Ewo tun leleyi (Yuh)
Kilotu gbede yi (Yuh)
Anoti lele yi (Yuh)
Baba yin lele yi (Yuh)
Na money (Yuh)
Dey ginger moral (Yuh)
Hustle everyday (yuh)
Oya l?wo wa (Yuh)

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